Study MBBS in Georgia

Studying MBBS in Georgia will set you on the path to become a qualified medical practitioner. Gain access to cutting-edge facilities, a multicultural campus, and reasonably priced tuition while earning a degree that is recognized throughout the world.

Quick Facts MBBS in Georgia

Georgian Lari (GEL) (Equal to 31 INR)
4 Million
Official Language
Country Code
Time Difference
9.5 Hours Behind
Europe, Asia
Summer temperatures average 20 °C  to 24 °C), winter temperatures 2 °C to 4 °C

Highlights of MBBS in Georgia

September, February
50% in PCB in 10+2 Exam, qualifying NEET
5+1 year internship
Medium of teaching
Minimum tuition fee
3 lakhs / Year
Maximum tuition fee
6 lakhs / Year
Living Expenses
Rs.10,000 – 15,000 /Month
Recognition of Universities

Georgia, the ancient country with more than 25 century of history, is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is ranked as world’s top 10 safest cities. Tbilisi is significant industrial, social, and cultural center.  Georgia is packed with natural beauty, a state with full of surprises – from mountains to beaches, marshes, canyons, forests, and even islands. Tbilisi has become the main artery of the Georgian educational system. Tbilisi is the home to several major institutions of higher education in Georgia.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is well known for being among the most stunning and secure nations on earth, which makes it the perfect choice for students looking for a top-notch education. The nation is home to several universities that offer instruction in English and have been accredited by the World Health Organization, the MCI, and other international medical councils. Students can access study resources and specialists from the USA by adhering to the USMLE syllabus, which guarantees them an excellent medical education. 

Furthermore, Georgia provides a wide range of research programs, including PhDs, enabling students to seek chances for advanced research. Pursuing an MBBS in Georgia is a great option for those who want to become medical professionals because of the program’s reasonable living and tuition costs and the likelihood of outstanding career prospects for graduates. Students who decide to pursue an MBBS in Georgia can gain access to a worldwide



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Best University for MBBS in Georgia 2024-25

SEU university image

Georgian National university (SEU)

The University of Georgia SEU is a prestigious private university that was founded in 2001 and is situated in Tbilisi, Georgia. SEU, with its faculties of Business and Technology, Law, Social Sciences, and Medicine, is accredited by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement and provides undergraduate and graduate degrees. For foreign programs, English is one of the teaching languages.Learn MBBS in Georgia Study MBBS in Georgia Tbilisi. SEU offers modern amenities such as an extensive library, athletic facilities, and student housing. The institution supports a dynamic student life through many organizations and extracurricular activities. It also provides study MBBS in abroad and exchange programs through partnerships with worldwide institutions.

Georgian American University (GAU)

Georgian American University (GAU), based in Tbilisi, Georgia, was founded in 2005 through a combination of Georgian and American partners. GAU is well-known for providing high-quality education in a variety of fields, but its medical program stands out in particular. The institution comprises five faculties: the Business School, Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy, Informatics and Engineering, Humanities and Liberal Arts, and Medical School. GAU’s Medical School provides an MD program that is comparable to the MBBS degree and is a popular choice for those interested in studying MBBS in Georgia. GAU’s medical program is designed to meet international standards and is accredited by several international medical bodies, guaranteeing that graduates are well-prepared to practice medicine worldwide.

GAU university image
EEU university image

East Europe University (EEU)

East European University (EEU) in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a well-known private institution founded in 2012. The university is well-known for its high-quality medical education, particularly its MBBS program, which makes it a popular choice among international students, including those from India. The MBBS curriculum at EEU is provided in English, reducing linguistic hurdles for international students. Studying MBBS in Georgia at EEU has the added benefit of a multicultural setting, as the university welcomes a large number of international students. This exposure allows students to develop a global network of contacts in the medical industry.

University of Georgia (UG)

The University of Georgia (UG), located in Tbilisi, is a prominent private institution founded in 2004. It provides a diverse range of academic programs, with the MBBS program standing out for those looking to study MBBS in Georgia. The MBBS curriculum at UG lasts six years and includes both academic coursework and significant practical training, ensuring that students are well-prepared for medical practice. The University of Georgia is highly regarded both nationally and internationally, providing a safe and supportive environment for its students. The tuition rate for the MBBS program is around USD 5500 per year, making it an economical and appealing alternative for students wishing to pursue an MBBS in Georgia.​ 

UG university image
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Top-Ranked MCI-Approved Universities in Georgia

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