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Aimbridge Education is a well-known study MBBS in abroad consultant , having a registered office in Calicut and support offices all around India. Aimbridge offers a comprehensive option for those wishing to pursue an MBBS in abroad. Aimbridge offers information and admissions for courses in management, engineering, IT, medicine, and tourism at the postsecondary level. Under the direction of experienced professionals, Aimbridge represents major universities for study MBBS in abroad programs in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Schengen/Europe, and the Middle East. In order to assist students in selecting the ideal course, university, and country for their educational and financial needs, Aimbridge provides reliable counseling and guidance. Our accomplishments speak for our offerings.

Aimbridge Education is highly skilled in offering advanced medical courses, particularly MBBS in abroad and nursing, under the direction of qualified professionals with backgrounds in medicine. For many young aspirants in India, becoming a doctor is a “Forever only Dream” because of the scarcity of seats, expensive donation fees, and capitation. For these pupils, Aimbridge serves as a bridge to realizing their goals. In terms of Study MBBS in abroad programs, Aimbridge primarily represents MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in Uzbekistan with highly regarded government universities and other nations like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, China, and UK medical pathway programs. MBBS in abroad universities with top-notch facilities and English as the primary language of instruction

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Step By Step Study Abroad Counselling

Aimbridge offers trustworthy advice and information to those wishing to pursue an MBBS in abroad, helping them choose the best program, school, and nation for their level of education and financial situation.
Due to the high caliber of instruction, exposure to other cultures, and job prospects, studying MBBS in abroad is becoming more and more common among medical students. For those considering MBBS in abroad, this guide examines the advantages, difficulties, and counseling resources.

Course/ University Advice/ Scholarships

It might be rather difficult to choose the best MBBS program for you when there are hundreds of universities and thousands of courses available to you when you decide to study MBBS in abroad. The knowledgeable counselors at Aimbridge will help you choose the best course and university for your desired location depending on your financial situation and academic background. We assist students in obtaining scholarships from academic institutions and governmental agencies.

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Education Loan Assistance

Since most students want to study MBBS in abroad, Aimbridge provides precise instructions on how to obtain a bank loan and arrange for the necessary documentation from universities.

For aspiring medical students, studying MBBS at abroad offers a wealth of opportunities. The ability to access top-notch education provided by recognized colleges around the world is one of the main benefits. These universities provide students with a thorough medical education because of their cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable instructors.

Visa Application and Processing

Visa applications for any study abroad destination, documentation, interviews, and the entire processing until a visa is secured are all assisted by Aimbridge visa experts.

Furthermore, degrees from internationally recognized medical universities are recognized all around the world. This opens doors to a variety of professional opportunities by allowing graduates to practice medicine both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, with less living and tuition costs than in some other nations, studying Mbbs at abroad might be financially advantageous for a large number of students.
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Air Ticket/ Foreign Exchange/ Pre Departure

Aimbridge assists with visa processing, air ticket booking, foreign exchange, travel insurance, and pre-departure briefings. We help kids with immigration and travel with them the entire time.

Another important advantage of studying MBBS at abroad is exposure to diverse cultures. Students who live and study abroad are exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, and viewpoints. This increases their professional development and makes them more culturally competent and adaptive healthcare workers, in addition to improving their personal life.

On Arrival Assistance / Accommodation

Once reaching the destination, Aimbridge sets up bank accounts, sim cards, and airport pickup. We help candidates wishing to pursue an MBBS in abroad find safe and pleasant housing, either in the university residence hall or in other nearby locations.

However, there are several difficulties involved with pursuing an MBBS at abroad. The language barrier is one such difficulty, since certain nations may demand fluency in either English or the native tongue. Furthermore, different nations and colleges have different requirements for admittance; some demand entrance examinations, interviews, or particular academic credentials.

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Why Aimbridge?

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Get 24x7 doubt clearance support worth ₹3000 is FREE for 90 days

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