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The Integrated Professional Pilot Program is a highly structured and comprehensive program that focuses on your goal of becoming a First Officer with an airline. The duration of the program is approximately 18 months. The Integrated Professional Pilot Program consists of both theoretical and practical training, designed to help you achieve your dream profession as an airline Pilot within the shortest period of time. The flight training is composed of three phases with theoretical training taking place simultaneously, and in between, periods of flight training.

Integrated Professional Pilot Program(IPPP)

Course Details


 Higher Secondary  

Course Duration:

18 months


 Minimum 17 Years  Language: Proficiency in English


 Class 3, Eye vision 6/6   

Phase 1: (India)

Ground theory classes
SIM sections 
English Proficiency Training
Medical and Visa processing
Industrial Visit



Phase 2: (Canada, US, New Zealand, South Africa, Maldives, etc):

Private Pilot License (PPL),Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi-Engine Rating,Instrument Rating,Examinations

flight training 220 hours including the following:

Single Engine (Cessna 152/172) = 205 hours, Multi Engine (DA 42/Piper Seneca) = 15 hours ,Simulator = 15 hours, Dual Flying, Solo Flying,Cross country flying Instrument flying,Night flying, Ground school,Ground briefing

Phase 3: (India)

DGCA License conversion program 
Airline Interview Preparation


Aviation continues to be a growing industry. A number of careers are open to the licensed pilots. There are a number of pathways to a career in aviation.

Trainee officer (As a fresher )

First officer (After one to two year experience)

Captain ( After 4 to 6 years experience)

In private Aircraft

Flight instructor

Ground instructor

Check pilot ( Highest salary )

Official Agencies of government


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